Become one of the leaders of the future.

Complete support for your leadeship group

Leadership for the youth and education

Basic Leadership Skills

Argumentation, refutation, relevance of information, source reliability, public speaking, fallacies

Educational Leadership Simulations

Complete guides with examples

Created in the Erasmus+ project

The experience and advice from our leadership groups (watch)

Working Group


Schildtin lukio


Institution Saint Jude


Wittekind Gymnasium


Lycée Michel Rodange


Gymnázium bilingválne T. Rúžičku Žilina


IEC Miguel Catalan


Practical and educational international applications

Model European Council 2017

Step by step guide to international leadership simulation

A step to step guide in a diary form with complete documentation and comments from the organisers of this unique leadership simulation, attended by students from 15 EU states. The MEC will take place on 5.-6. October 2017

Leadership Clubs and Non-formal groups

Intensive leadership programmes in schools

Experience from 2 years of leadership clubs in 6 European countries. Watch our videos and get inspired.


Model United Nations

International Leadership simulation

Details about the popular simulation of the United Nations. Detailed resources, examples, documents and experience based on the organisation of the international Žilina Model United Nations conference, working yearly in 8 committees in 3 languages with more than 130 students from more than 11 countries.

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Step-by-step to your conference (manual)

Leadership as a subject

Part of your school curriculum

Wanting to put leadership in your official curriculum as a subject? Feel free to use or adapt our methodology with a 36 lesson plan, that can be easily adapted based on your needs.

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Student Testimonials

Silvia Šimoníková

My experience with MUNs started even before YEL was created. It was in 2014 when my friend Lucia (also a member of the club) asked…

Miguel Ghzal

Why should I be interested in politics? Isn't it boring? Would my opinion even be considered? Why should I care about economics and global issues…

Miia Martikainen

My name is Miia Martikainen and I’m from Jyväskylä, Finland. I graduated from Cygnaeus High School (now Schildt High School) in the spring of 2016.…

Feline Washneck

How MUNs changed my life My first steps - YEL Club My MUN story begins on a Tuesday morning in my English lesson. My teacher…

Erwan Podevin

How the YEL changed my life   by Podevin Erwan   Before I joined the YEL club, I remember being someone not interested in politics…

Lucia Posluchová

Why is staying at school longer worth it Lucia Posluchová I remember days of school, when I went home only for sleeping over and many…