The Five Paragraph Essay

here’s your talk what qualities do you think make up a good employer write an essay that identifies the qualities you think a good employer has give you specific examples to back up your ideas almost people here it is like before you jump into it what do I do here’s my essay can I just pull out the line paper and start writing what do I do right story yeah I want a to have a piece of scrap paper and I want to start brainstorming because I got organize my ideas now the essay is going to take me about 45 minutes that’s all I’ve got start to finish how long do I want to plan for that prewriting figure out what I’m going to say how long can I afford to take to make my plan now it’s closer to five you’ve only about 45 minutes total and you’ve got a long way to go to write the actual essay I want to take more than maybe five minutes to sort of organize your thoughts plan out what you’re going to say so let’s start with brainstorming here’s the idea good employer you’ve had good employers you’ve had bad employers read about them see them on TV what’s a good employer give me all kinds of ideas with honesty honestly it’s gonna start right now everything we could get honesty yes well what do I wanna know about it to column that company be okay um on Kennedy so the company only opened up last week maybe that’s not a very good employer okay all right sure what else you know this you’re going through the want ads you’re thinking about applying someplace looking for a job or a better job what are you looking for what matters to you when you could have tables so you have that oh right yeah we got benefits you want to be honest good pay good pay sorry fair salary good or fair salary let’s go okay what else we care about oh is it a company of integrity oh that time is with honesty so integrity what else if I be able to step up in advancement over can you move up or you’ll be stuck in the same job forever year after year okay advance man I like that feel like we’re running out of ideas just I’m sort of slowing down yeah time to move on you don’t want to spend too long on this because you don’t have time for it as soon as you start kind of hitting a wall like okay good pay good benefits and you can’t think of anything else you got plenty to pick from here this is more than enough how many details do I actually need for the GED essay 3 3 I got to decide I have to prioritize which three am I gonna pick I want to pick my favorite three maybe what’s going to help me decide which of the three are the best ones to go for how do I know yes exactly the ones I’ve got a lot to talk about the ones I can think of the most information I’m going to get a nice beefy paragraph out of it so let’s pick our best three you guys tell me what do you think of the ones we have a lot to say about we’re going to be able to write a good essay about benefits and if it’s okay I’ll give you that what else sorry salaries import’ good fair salary what else sorry wish your life advancement comfort uh advancement which is opportunity opportunity okay so these are the three I’m gonna go with yes okay what do I do now vision week we’re going to talk to you first yeah I got a word of these what what order makes sense to talk about it what am I going to talk about first what am I going to talk about second where am I going to talk about third so where should I start good man offense because when you talk to an employer about salary it kind of spoke someone okay okay so it’s a little tip I was on that I’m going to save that one then if it’s first and then I would go with the salary second so benefits is first salary is second Oh make me wait it normal you tell me big salary advancement advancement and then salary glass okay sound relax we’re going to handle just like an interview I thought of everything I could figure out what my best three were decided what order I’m going to talk about him in what’s my last step before I actually take the live paper and start working I want to get organized I want to get all my ideas down on paper because if I don’t organize it now while I’m thinking of all this I’m going to forget where I was going with it I’m going to get to the paragraph about salary and I’ve completely forgotten what I was going to say and then having writer’s block in the middle of the exam that’s tough don’t want to do that what do I want to say about benefits what are important that why don’t you share health insurance if you have families are there covered you’re covered how much are you covered co-payments I care about health insurance does it feel like I’m kind of running out of stuff now like I’ve got some details okay then I’m done what I need to make sure I do is maximize the time I’ve got it’s 45 minutes start to finish I cannot write an entire essay start to finish in 45 minutes unless I’ve got a plan and I can’t write it and then fix all the little mistakes there’s no time to draft right I can’t write a nice pretty version fix everything and then recopy it because I want at a time so this way I sit down I look at my whole topic qualities that make a good employer a brainstorm everything I can think of come up with a pretty good list pick my best three the ones I’ve got a lot to say about figure out what order I’m going to talk about them in what would make sense and I like Roberto’s idea because salary usually comes up in an interview so it kind of makes sense to touch on this last then I just want to jot down all the stuff I can think of now so I don’t get writer’s block when I get halfway through my essay so let’s pretend we took about five minutes for that takes longer when it’s all of us working together but let’s just pretend this is about five minutes got my plan all worked out on scrap paper I’m ready where I start now you’re going to repeat you’re going to repeat the question repeat the question this is my writing prompt this is what they told me to write about so when I start off the very first sentence in my essay is my topic sentence I want to tell them right away what it is I’m going to talk about well here it is they told me right turn that into a statement give me a topic sentence where I take that and tell the writer what it is I’m about to write about Oh many people have many different opinions of quato of whatever what qualities an employee should have yeah oh and I feel that there’s two things that I know for an employer what I want you to ‘full I want to take this prompt and turn it into a topic sentence you know lots of people have varying opinions on what qualities would make a good inferior but I have a top three perfect so here’s my introduction paragraph I got my topic sentence awesome now what do I do she’s a topic sentence we just gave me my topic since I said now we now we used to write the three things that now I have to explain what ferdi they are no matter what order I do it in uh-huh yes yeah yeah we did with the order I decided right away I gave you that topic sentence yeah so now you in the topic sentence also you want to come get into introduction of where you headed what are the three things that you feel that are important exactly and that’s what we’re about to get when you give introduction into the body yes exactly because the introduction is like a small version of what the whole essay looks like start off explaining what I want to talk about I talk about my examples I give my three details and then I want to wrap it up with a conclusion it’s exactly like the whole essay starts with an introduction covers the three body paragraphs cover each one of my details and then I wrap it up with a conclusion it’s exactly the same thing okay so I’ve got my topic sentence down now I need to work through my details so give me a sentence where I introduce this idea this is one of the things I think is important so what do I say first the first thing that I feel is important on the benefits perfect first thing I think is important about a good employer are the benefits they offer you have a sense and you touch this one now second would be the advanced program sure and then the third would be one of the things what are they paying me awesome okay so that’s my introduction I’ve repeated back the prompt I have a topic sentence I covered each one of these details I need a conclusion how do I wrap this up so these these are the top qualities that I look for in an employer before I can make a decision on deciding whether or not I want to spend my years working and going for this confident beautiful it’s basically just like the topic sentence I just want to use different words so these are the qualities that I look for when I’m trying to make it about whether this is a good employer to work for perfect done with my introduction what’s next first topic first topic I need a body paragraph that’s going to be all about this this is everything that I wrote about already I’ve got all my ideas down so now I just need to start working this into a paragraph so how do I start I need a topic sentence for this topic good employer or company is important that they cover some of my health insurance and give me a proficient don’t want too far in the introduction but that’s perfect I want to just lay the groundwork what I’m about to talk about say what you’re going to talk about talk about it tell them what you just finished saying okay it really is a little repetitive but that’s academic writing I need a conclusion sentence I just finished talking about all the different kinds of benefits but I can’t just walk away from this paragraph I need a conclusion sentence that looks just like the introduction wraps it back up so good company or employees who offers the good amenities covering or covering all the amenities that I need perfect good lawyer is going to be a company that offers all these kind of benefits because this is what I need I’m going to pause you right there to say this is in the prompt right good employer can I just keep saying good the whole time a good employer offering it with benefits yes they’re good yeah I got to start working in some new vocabulary here I can’t use the word good 15 times in my essay or I’m going to start to lose points on that word choice category so what else could I say I love the conclusion sentence but give me another word other than good so fair employer perfect a fair employer is one who offers this reasonable that’s a good one to keep working in that good vocabulary cuz you got to make sure you’re mixing it up with okay three body paragraphs down coming in on the end here run into our home now what I need one more thing I need a conclusion what should my conclusion look just like the topic the introduction it’s going to look just like the introduction so my topic sentencing the conclusion is going to come right back to this what should I start with I’m at it here I am conclusion I’m like feet away in the finish line how do I start in conclusion sure never be afraid to use a tried and true in conclusion comma let them know you’re there here we are Reza’s conclusion in conclusion a quality company is one that offers these things they need to have decent benefits they need to offer chances for advancement and fair salary and then I need to wrap it up sort of walk away from this how can I finish this my very last sentence I want to make it clear I’m done now I’m at the end of the essay how do I wrap up this whole idea these are the three qualities and if a company cannot offer me good benefits and opportunity for advancement and a fair salary then that would encourage me to start looking somewhere else yeah perfect I wrapped it up i recap everything I talked about I use this good examples again and then I walked away from it a company that doesn’t offer these things is a company that doesn’t interest me company that doesn’t offer these things makes me want to keep looking look for a different company because this isn’t really the employer who’s going to work for me you don’t have to use the same ideas we did you kind of like something else and you’re like you know what longevity that seems important because if the company opened up last week I don’t feel comfortable with them or you want to work in the demographics idea you know how diverse is their workforce does it look like a neighborhood that they’re in and how important is that to you you can take this in any direction you want to but let’s actually try it here’s your prompt go home write an essay on this so start to finish five paragraphs introduction three details conclusion done okay please hey congratulations

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